Hello – Goodbye

As the ways in which we communicate continue to expand, it feels as though the ocean of disconnect only seems to get wider. Chivalry died in the 90s but apparently, so did common decency and manners. So why is it that the tragedy of my generation is our complete and utter inability to have authentic conversations?

For a generation that saw the progression of rotary to flip phones and every other iPhone since we are, in my opinion, the biggest perpetrators of ghosting without cause. I’m not talking about swiping left and conversations via app. I’m talking about multiple dates in becoming a living-breathing Casper but without any of the charm. Why is it so hard for 30 to 40-somethings to send a simple ‘I’m not interested‘ text? Are we afraid of being a disappointment, or are we trying to earn accolades at the asshole bar?

Chivalry died in the 90s but apparently, so did common decency and manners.

Perhaps this is just one disheartened soul expressing their frustration after living in the Dead Sea of Los Angeles, or maybe I just haven’t met the one, and the rest are just mediocre frogs to kiss. Carrie Bradshaw went through her trials and tribulations before finally ending up with Big. Of course, we all know by now how that ended for Chris Noth, but I digress.

As a woman in her 30ish age, Id like just once for a guy to not make plans with me he doesn’t plan to commit to. I welcome the ‘I had a great time, but let’s just be friends’ message. I am waiting for one guy to realize that rejecting someone verbally is the nice thing to do. Because the only type of Goodbye that makes you an asshole is the Irish kind.

On behalf of all the ghosted, let’s leave the Houdini act in 2022.

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