Proudly Disheartened

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I find myself at a crossroads again…of what it means to be an American. What ideals do I hold that align with my fellow citizens? I am overjoyed at the return of sanity to the peoples house, but unsurprised by the lack of moral character or compass from the GOP. For a Grand Ol’ Party, they are the less than grand, and so completely undignified that you can almost always expect them to choose the opposite of what is a sane and redeemable solution. 

Why do I say this? Well for those that have been living in isolation and digitally unplugged, I will rewind. On January 6th, my birthday week, my country descended into utter chaos at the hands of cultist followers for the now previous regime. Yes, literal Kool-aid looney tunes did exactly what we all assumed they would do by overtaking our capital, killing 5, all in the name of their dear leader. I won’t say his name because much like the tales of fiction and folklore, he is as reprehensible as the very worst. Voldemort would make better company. But I digress…

What is so disheartening as the title suggest, is not simply the incident and the incendiary perpetrator. It is the enablers. The one’s who, once again when presented the opportunity to redeem themselves in the eyes of the public and their god, if the so happen to even have one, have once again failed.

So, here I am at a crossroads. I am proud to be an American, but find myself consumed with grief and embarrassment by what that means to the rest of the world.

We are a nation of fools. Where too many fell prey to the pyramid scheme of who we may now deem Florida Man and his online bride. Too many that chose their selfish ideals over the health and safety of others. Too many that once again chose personal gain over what it truly means to be a patriot. Clearly too many failed to pay attention in their U.S. History or Government class. 

I mean, I went to school in the south and have a very clear understanding that the civil war was bad and was 100% about slavery. That racism very much still exist and that seditionist and fascists are unwelcome, nay the very definition of unpatriotic. I mean we fought whole ass wars over this stuff!?

So then, how is it that there are so many grown adults that seem to lack this understanding. So many that have turned a blind eye and forgotten what it means to be human, to have heart and soul.

They are the embarrassment. The ones that keep us repressed and stuck in this amber hellscape of hypocrisy and liquid rules (by liquid I mean flimsy and loose).

We are supposed to be this nation of greatness. Of opportunity and progress. But I find myself asking, when have we ever been great and when will we ever be great?

When we stop trying to control a woman’s body? When we make a this a land for all not the some who can afford it? When equality is not just a pipe dream or a hashtag on social media. 

When we can recover from this pandemic, and cease to be the worst at trying to do so, because we’re just 2% of the entire freaking worldwide population???

When seeking an education no longer means seeking unscalable debt?

The list could go on so I’ll stop short to say we are not this great nation we claim to be.

But we can be.

So I hope for the sake of this nation, our nation, the one that strives to be more and do better, that we can overcome the challenges that lie ahead.

I hope that somehow justice will be served to those that seek to divide us. That their aspirations of hate fueled power remain just that, aspirational. I hope that the worst human to ever occupy the peoples house spends the rest of his time occupying a 6 by 8. Perhaps then he’ll know what it was like for the exonerated 5, and all of the others he so sinisterly felt should be sentenced to the same fate.

Because we deserve more than the reign supreme, untapped power and scorched earth mentality of infantile men. 

In moving forward as one nation, I hope that we will never again find ourselves cemented so far back. 

I am proud of those that brought us to salvation, and so for them I rest my faith in them carrying us towards a country that we can feel honor to call our home. 

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