Snail-Mail and the IG Era

A continuation of the social media mindset and its effects on human communication.

Why do we as a society now thrive on a purely social-electronic agenda?

One could point to a series of factors, each unique to the individual. It is sufficient to say the post snail-mail era is the biggest attribute to the above question.

Seamless communication, in the form of imagery or quick text, have become the diversions of our lives. And while we keep an eye out for the taboo “subliminal messaging”; we are the biggest distributors. That’s in no way meant to demean the current state of our bustling society. I for one, am an avid social media user. My commitment to Apple can be seen in my phone plan.

Social media has brought about positive changes outside its negative counterparts.

It has aided in social movements, created platforms for change, appealing to all individuals regardless of age, gender, or race and connected us in ways we never imagined possible.

But with any Pandora’s Box in the ‘new-found-land’ of the online world, one can always expect wormholes to be prevalent. You could almost immediately take for example the 2016 U.S. election (I am a die-hard liberal democrat, as an FYI).

We saw at the frontlines how lies can change a democracy. To live in this world, especially speaking for myself as a women of color, there are already challenges. From there to now, we see our current state of affairs.

This point in time, is what some will view as the downfall of all recent positive change.

That is the true mental disturbance affecting our airwaves.

As a woman in this country, we found ourselves so close to reaching and shattering a burdening glass ceiling, only to be pulled back down by the invisible strings of a male dominated society.

We saw change, we witnessed it’s culture shaping impact and lost it almost fleetingly.

Moving on from my political feminist soapbox and back to the negative influences of social media over-usage. We also saw first hand, how the tools of online sharing completely changed the fabrics of  “modern” western culture.

We are in the midst of a sudo-cyber war on our collective mindsets, from known foreign agents, but are too beautifully distracted by eye-appealing imagery, to care long enough to enact change. This is not to say, there are not individuals out there striving to make a difference or prevent the overturn of our right to live freely. Their existence, and efforts are obvious, but quickly drowned out by social media influencers sharing unrealistic lifestyles that feed into an overly saturated consumerist society.

It is with that information at hand that it begs the question…

How can we ever find ourselves living again, in our former culturally advanced society of modern advancements, instead of social addictions?

Is this the end of our renaissance era?

If not, what will the future be, other than a dystopian version of Black Mirror where interactions become currency and human communication is found online but unavailable.

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